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Risk Intelligence Management


The Corporate Cortex


Bringing external and internal data together in order to measure, model and understand how your organization and business objectives are impacted by uncertainty.


The Base Layer


We believe that the base layer is the most flexible and intuitive risk management system in the planet. It depicts your corporate organization, functions, regions and other structures you can chose freely, for example product lines, vital processes, corporate goals etc. Possible impacts on your business and their interdependencies can be modelled in a simple, intuitive yet mathematically correct way, both qualitatively of quantitively. Beyond the conventional risk management approach, the base layer does not only measure the impact on risks & opportunities on the “bottom-line”, but allows a deeper analysis of which parts of the business, market-side, sourcing-side, operations are affected by one and the same event or volatility.

The Corporate Cortex

In a second step the system is connected to internal and external data sources (for example supplier data from SRM, customer data from CRM, 3rd party credit information, market prices and indices, country information, news etc.). The system becomes a multi-layer-multi-dimensional web which represents the interaction of your organization through its functions with the world around.

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