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Digital Acceleration - Cloud Solutions

Is this another Buzz word?

According to Forbes over 60% of companies in 2019 either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one. During the Pandemic and various restrictions imposed, this accelerated more collaboration and businesses online, over 80% of companies now indicate that accelerating their digital transformation is a strategic necessity. This growth is fundamentally reshaping customer behaviour, companies, and even entire industries. To keep up in this shifting environment, organizations must plan carefully and act quickly. Some of the Impacts of Digital Acceleration (DA) Digital acceleration is having an extensive impact in the business world as I see it, so it worthwhile to understand its effects in-depth. Below are just a few examples of ways that digital acceleration has changed and continues to in the business world.

The digital workplace. The workplace has changed radically especially after Covid-19, the development of smarter and augmented computer devices has encouraged businesses to allow employees to work remotely. This has been possible predominately by Cloud computing technologies.

Revenue. Digital acceleration offers significant benefits, such as improved effectiveness, better performance, and efficiency. Businesses that can exploit digital technology will often generate significantly higher profit margins. Artificial intelligence (AI) amongst others are playing a big part.

Innovation. With the use of Big Data there are endless possibilities for new innovative solutions in almost any aspect of your business. This in technology helps companies to come up with new ideas, use digital tools for organizing and managing work, reach a wider audience, but above all, create a better product which fulfils customer satisfaction and enhances their daily lives.

Ideas on Tech is here to help and discuss ways of steering your business through this transformation.

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