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Virtual Events and Exhibition

Showcase your exhibitors with a selection of stunning booths

Each one is designed to provide a different look and feel, ensuring each exhibitor can showcase themselves and their brand in the right way.
For many this will be the first opportunity to present themselves on equal visual terms with larger organisations, providing a tremendous boost by levelling the competitive playing field.

XIBITRS coll1_edited.png
XIBITRS coll6.jpg

Some of the great features to inform and engage your audience



Promote and register

We will design a beautiful landing page for your event, something to really interest and engage your audience.








Showcase exhibitors beautifully

If you are hosting an event with exhibitor participation, giving them a great stage to showcase themselves is so important.








​Don't forget webinars

They have become such an important part of business activity recently and a key part of the our platform. Your audiences can attend live webinars as they happen, semi live where pre-recorded webinars are aired at specific times and on-demand sessions to be viewed at their leisure.








Showcase your speakers

You have worked hard to attract respected speakers to your virtual stage so it's important your attendees know who they are and what they are going to deliver.

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